We welcome project research students in spring 2020.

Topics of project research in our lab

In the project research, you will experience development of IoT/CPS systems or development of autonomous agent software by using advanced development tools.

IoT system development

  • Analyze, design, and implement your own IoT systems by adding IoT sensors and/or actuators to our IoT testbed hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Examples: automated lighting system with IoT lights, automated voice notification services with GoogleHome, automated music management service with GoogleHome, automated plant management system with soil moisture sensor
  • Tools: Arduino, RaspberryPi, NodeRed, Google Home, JinsMEME, HueLight, AWS, docker, etc

Example 1: Automated foliage plant management system (developed by Misato Nakamura)
  • Development of RaspberriPi with a soil moisture sensor for monitoring moisture level of soil
  • Implement watering notification service by using LINE
  • Evolution of the system by adding an alarming service with a proximity sensor to prevent pets to approach the plant

Example 2: Smart Room Management System (developed by Taiki Kazeno)
  • Using a stress-level estimation service with a glass with wearable sensors(JINS MEME)
  • Implement automated music selection service based on estimated stress level
  • Orchestrating Spotify and GoogleHome to enable this function

Autonomous driving software development

  • Develop adaptive software determining a driving route at runtime, on top of autonomous driving software framework Autoware and an autonomous driving simulator Carla
  • Tools: Carla, Autoware, dynamic route planning

Autonomous agent software development

  • Develop autonomous agent software by using advanced modeling and synthesis tools
  • Tools: Controller synthesis, model checking, game theory, machine learning


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