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Honiden-Tei Lab. open house 2020

Our Honiden-Tei laboratory is relatively new (since 2018).
We, “autonomous software agent engineering” research laboratory, mainly focus on research about “self-adaptive software” that be able to change its structure/behavior by itself at runtime in response to changes in the environment.
We welcome students interested in such a cutting-edge software development techniques.

Please feel free to visit our open house.
(the 3rd year students who are looking for project research laboratory are also welcomed).
You can find some more information about our laboratory and project research here.

Open house schedule

Open house in GCS

  • Date: 11:00- and 13:00- on 24th March 2020
  • Venue: Room 606 of the building 40 (GCS)
  • Please gather in the lobby of GCS building by that time (11am or 1pm)

Branch open house in the Building 63

  • Date: 20th (after the guidance) and 23rd (whole day) March 2020
  • Venue: Room 506 of the building 63
  • Please feel free to visit the room anytime!


We also welcome any questions by email: